The Motherhood Sessions

By Nathalie Marquez Courtney

A newsletter for mother makers, writers, dreamers and doers.

A newsletter for mother makers, writers, dreamers and doers.

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I am no mother, I am no bride, I am king

Hello friends, I have written in a previous edition about motherhood as a catalyst for creativity but this issue I'm exploring the push and pull; the sacrifice, the fear of the sacrifice, the realities of it and the ambivalence that can surround deciding to b…


Mothering your muse

Hello friends,This issue, we're exploring motherhood as a muse – how it can be a potential boomtime for creativity, a way to see the world in a fresh way, rewire our thinking, and not just be the creative desert we're often led to believe it is.I share these …


Your brain on motherhood

Hi friends, Motherhood 'takes' a lot things – time, energy, the ability to pee alone. But often when we discuss what it 'gives', we rarely do it in the context of what we gain as creative individuals.We're constantly fed the idea that motherhood and creative …


Mothers as makers of death

Hello friends,In this edition, we delve into how creative women have explored the darker aspects of motherhood. Because isn’t it at times a raw, frightening place? In many ways, we are lucky to live in a time where a lot of taboos around motherhood are being …


"Brush your teeth, brush your hair, shush I'm working."

Hi friends, Is motherhood the enemy of creative work? That certainly seems to be the question that hangs in the air all too often whenever mothers who work in creative fields are interviewed.I feel conflicted when I see those 'how do you do it all' questions …


A portrait of the artist as a young mum

Welcome to the first edition of The Motherhood Sessions, a newsletter for mother makers, writers, dreamers and doers.